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So what should you expect when coming to our

centre for an MRI scan?

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When you arrive you will be greeted by our warm customer service staff who will ask you to fill out a detailed patient questionnaire and sign a few forms. We would like to get copies of any previous medical reports and images you have previously done for the same condition being examined.  This will help our technologists and radiologist give you best possible service and most accurate report.

You will then be taken to a confidential interview area where one of our technologists will interview you to get more information on your medical history and current illness or injury. You will then be given instructions for your scan to make it as quick and convenient as possible and to allay any concerns that you might have. Do not hesitate to ask about any aspect of the procedure that might crop up in your mind.

As there are strong magnets you will be asked to change into a gown and remove any metal objects that you might be carrying which includes jewellery, watch, belt etc. Depending on the request from your doctor or the protocol from our radiologist, we may have to use an intravenous MRI contrast agent and this will also be discussed beforehand and during the interview.  You may be asked to fast for a few hours before the scan if this is the case.

Our technologists are very experienced and skilled at making the scan as comfortable as possible and keeping you relaxed at all times. We will give you headphones with a microphone so that we are in constant communication with you during the scan.  When our technologist is not talking, you will listen to your choice of music while undergoing the scan.  You can also request earplugs to block the scanning noise during the procedure if you prefer.

It is essential that you stay still throughout scanning to make the process as quick as possible and prevent the re-taking of any images. Other than hearing the scanning noises, you will not feel anything during the scan. So once the scan is being done, your job is just to rest, listen to the music and try to stay still and we will take care of the rest.  


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