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Social Distancing focuses on reducing physical contact as a means of interrupting transmission, but while reduction of social contact may be an outcome of that, it is not a specific aim.

Stay at Home! Minimize public contact! Our country depends on our collective responsibility right now. Never before has doing nothing been the most important thing that you can do!

Your every thought right now should be how you can minimize the number of times you have to leave your house and if you do leave then plan carefully to limit interactions with other members of the public. Ideas include: – Utilize Online Banking to pay bills. Most utilities have means of paying online. – Look for groceries/green grocers that have delivery services. If you do go out:

  • Use curb side pick up, ATMs or drive through pharmacies if possible and wear gloves

  • Plan carefully with a list and if possible buy amounts for a longer period

  • Avoid peak times and popular crowded stores – utilize less popular times and stores.

Sanitize all items by wiping packaging with diluted bleach or soapy water before storing. #SocialDistancing #PreventTheSpread #Covid19Virus #MRICentreofTnT

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